Plus500 online trading review

Plus 500 is the ideal online trading venue for traders outside of the US, and this platform can manage the trading of multi assets. The Online Brokers will find Plus 500 one of their best trading platforms. However, currencies are the maximum traded instruments on Plus 500 since primarily this platform is for forex trading. This online brokerage service based in the UK and US traders are restricted to trade Plus500 platform. Plus 500 is widely accepted as a highly reliable as well as reputed brokerage service and Plus 500 UK Limited which controlled by the British Financial Conduct Authority. Plus 500 is considered as a leading broker among the CFD-trading partner the world over.

Plus 500 Online Trading

For the investors, Plus 500 provides ample opportunities. For the operator selecting an asset out of more than 2000 trading options will not be difficult at all. Traders have options such as Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Indices & ETF, to trade and can easily have an international portfolio. The Stocks of different countries are listed separately and the leverage up to 1:30 enables the traders to perform trading from the small capital. For the Forex traders, there are more than 50 currency pairs to trade. Commodities for trading include gold, platinum, oil, natural gas and various other items. No commission clause is there for the online trading and traders get the options to call or push as they decide.

Plus 500 Trading Platform

Plus500 trading PlatformPlus 500 offers three types of platforms for the traders – downloadable version, Web Trader version and iPhone and iPad version. Those who use own PC for their online trading can opt for the version which can be downloaded. The downloaded version is more versatile when compared to the web-based one. The desktop platform is very user-friendly, and one can download quickly.

The Web Trader Platform provided by Plus 500 suits to the investors who do not want to download or want to use the laptop. Web Trader is 100% web-based.

The operators who want to manage their trading activities using mobile devices can opt for the iPhone and iPad versions. This version has the features similar to that of the Web Trader version. Even if the internet access is not up to the mark, one can use the version without any difficulty.

The trading platforms provided by Plus 500 function smoothly even on old computers. One can use with the Plus 500 with standard operating systems – Windows, Mac, and Linux. The different platforms offered by Plus 500 come in more than 20 languages. The easy-to-use platforms enable the traders to trade different assets from the same platform. Since Plus 500 has a no-frills approach, the trader need not go through some screens to get the information required for their trading.

Plus 500 Trading App

Online merchants can download the mobile trading app offered by Plus 500 either from App Store or Google Play. Those located in places where the internet connection is weak can also make use of this app and carry out their online trading activities without any hassles. When compared to the trading apps offered by other trading platforms, the Plus 500 trading app is more user-friendly, and the traders find the method of using simple and easy. This app functions smoothly in all situations, and this aspect makes it a great trading app. Those who use the Plus 500 trading app will find that they can carry out their online trading the same way as they were doing with the PC. The mobile app is available for Android, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone. Customers can contact the customer service cell by email & live chat only. The easiest and ideal way to communicate with them is by sending an email to

Plus 500 how to trade

Those who want to use the Plus 500 platform for online trading are advised to choose an asset for their investment with which they are familiar. Though the investor can try various options even if he has little knowledge about them, it will make him lose a considerable amount of money. It is a great offer, and the investor may invest his money only after getting familiar with all the features of Plus 500. By doing something in haste, one may have the risk of losing his investment. Plus 500 is the only trading platform that offers a lot of free tools for risk management.  Traders should ensure that they get maximum benefit from these tools. One has to learn well how to use the tools, and careful thinking is essential while using the tools. Investors who want to get quick results from online trading should choose the investment in which they have interest and start the trading immediately. One should not wait for long. Participation in discussion forums and taking tips from experienced investors will help the new investors to increase their awareness. The investors should develop new skills continuously and must learn from their mistakes. The investors should update with the economic news.

Plus 500 demo account

Plus500 Demo AccountThe demo account enables the investor to practice his investment. While opening an account with Plus 500, one gets unlimited access to the demo account. He can use the demo account to do some practice to improve his skills. The features of the demo account are similar to that of the real account. When the investor can make a profit with the demo account, he becomes confident and can make a real investment without the fear of a setback.

Plus 500 has the track record of serving millions of customers the world over for years, and widely accepted as one among the largest as well as most trusted brokers at the global level. With this kind of reputation Plus, 500 cannot be a scam and hence investors can use this platform for their trading activities without any fear or suspicion. The innovation of the platform, as well as the website, is an ongoing process at Plus 500. Plus 500 is committed to the investors to enable them to carry out profitable online trading. Moreover, Plus 500 is regulated by three different regulatory authorities.

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