Plus500 Review: See The Real Truth About Plus500

Plus500 ReviewAs the name suggests we provide the review of Plus500 CFD provider in terms of usability, reliability, features, customer support, money protection & so on. Discover in-depth Plus500 review to help you understand more on Plus 500.

Plus500 Ltd is one of the leading CFD providers which is authorized and regulated by several leading financial regulators around the globe. The web-based platform serves over a million customers making it one of the biggest and fastest-growing brokerage firms in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Plus500 forex platform enables customers to trade CFD in more than 50 countries and 32 languages. Plus500 group is founded in the year 2008. Plus500 Ltd is listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange & issues its share to the public. The Plus 500 trading platform is provided by Plus500 UK Ltd. which is a subsidiary of Plus500 Ltd.

Plus500 Features

  • One of the top CFD trading platform.
  • Trade over 2000 most traded financial instruments without any trading commission.
  • Free Plus500 demo account for unlimited time
  • Plus500 UK LTD is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority(FRN 509909).
    Plus500 CY LTD is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Licence No. 250/14).
  • Low initial deposit requirement as low as 100Є to fund Plus500 account
  • A risk management tool to manage your risk at the time of trading.
  • Education on CFD trading is available in the help section of the website.
  • Live streaming quotes in real-time
  • Advanced Technical Analysis Trading Tool
  • Plus500 provides CFD online trading service in 50 markets, 32 languages & also in local currencies.

    Please note  ‘80.5% of retail CFD accounts lose money.’

Plus 500 Trading Platform

plus500 Trading Platform

(Disclaimer: Price shown in the picture is for illustration purpose only. Actual price may differ from the current market price.)

Forex investors will be happy to know that Plus500 has an in-house trading platform perfect for investors looking for simple & direct trading.

What separates Plus500 forex from the rest of the leading CFD platform around the globe is the company’s policy to offer a single trading platform to all their clients worldwide.

As an in-house developed platform, the agency distributes it in the following versions:

  • A free trading platform customers can download
  • An online-based trading platform named as Plus500 WebTrader.
  • A trading platform accessible through tablets and smartphones

The firm employs the best software engineers in the world that work around the clock ensuring that the platforms integrate and work seamlessly in all three versions. Users switch from one version to the next to ease.

The company’s policy to focus on ‘No Frills Trading’ has attracted many traders as traders prefer using a platform providing the precise information required in an on-screen trade. Furthermore; this is a user-friendly trading platform for CFD Trading on Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Indices, ETF’s.

Types of Plus500 Accounts

The platform offers clients two types of accounts, demo account and live accounts. The demo account is a huge hit with forex trading beginners. Users open the account for free and have no time limit.

To activate the live account, users need a minimum operating amount of 100Є. Let us dig deeper into the two accounts and see how they operate.

In this Plus500 review, We have chosen to divulge how the different accounts work on the Plus500 platform.

Plus500 Demo Account

Plus 500 also offer a demo account for their traders which is highly essential for CFD traders to learn about trading CFD and in particular Plus 500 trading platform.

Plus500 Demo Account Review

  • Users can practice with demo account having no limit
  • Users experience real market conditions.
  • Transactions on the Plus500 demo account are the same as live accounts
  • Users are guaranteed of a zero-risk trading platform
  • Around the clock support team backup

Find more on Plus500 demo account here.

Plus500 Review Live Account

plus500 windows app download

Disclaimer: Prices shown above are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual price.

The trading agency offers users a simple and straightforward live account. Users need to upgrade the demo account to the live account by depositing minimum 100Є.

After trading on the live account for a while, users usually get a message from the company informing them that they’ve been upgraded to Plus500 Gold Account. So as long as the firm observes a high volume trade users upgrade to gold and profit from premium discounts.

Plus 500 App

Plus500 iPhone App loginWith the Plus500 trading platform, clients have the chance to buy or sell in different markets through on-screen (computer, tablet and mobile platforms).

Many users flock to use the Plus500 trading platform for their various options on a singular platform. A trader with a Plus500 account can trade CFDs on underlying financial instruments
such as Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Options, and Indices.

Users on the online platform only need to have an internet link to access and trade via any computer.

For the Plus500 download, users can save the software on a personal or laptop computer. The mobile trading platform allows users to access their accounts from any smartphone (mobile) device. You can download plus500 windows app, Plus500 iPhone App & Plus500 Android App from the respective App stores.

Plus 500 Advantage

plus500 reviews

(Disclaimer: Price shown in the picture is for illustration purpose only. Actual price may differ from the current market price.)

Plus500 trading platform offers two main advantage to its clients which are as follows:

  • High Leverage: Among the brokers with high leverage, Plus500 offer maximum leverage for Forex amounting to 1:30. Leverage is the amount customers use to increase the trade value.
  • Zero Commissions: One advantage of Plus500 is that the company offers to trade with zero commissions! Some of Plus500s biggest competitors charge different commissions for trading on different share categories, depending on the country/market. All the while, Plus500 allows the traders on the Plus500 platform to trade with 0 commissions! For example, some of Plus500s biggest competitors charge a minimum commissions charge for every position opened (for example, a minimum of 9.00 commissions charge for GBP).

  • Attractive spreads: Another grand advantage of Plus500 over its’ competitors is that we offer attractive spreads. Please review the following chart which compares the spreads of several different tools that Plus500 offers compared to two of their biggest competitors (please note that Plus500 offers dynamic spreads and that the numbers shown are updated to date March 21st at 10 AM):


Plus500 Tips & Tricks

In order to succeed in Plus500, a trader should always consider the following tips.

  • Practice with Plus500 demo account prior to trading with real money.
  • Use the Plus500 Risk management tool for good management of your capital.
  • Gain knowledge of the financial market including technical & fundamental analysis.
  • Get acquainted with chart reading & market movement.

Please note  ‘80.5% of retail CFD accounts lose money.’

Safety and Regulators

Plus500UK Ltd authorised & regulated by the FCA (#509909).
Plus500CY Ltd authorized & regulated by CySEC (#250/14).
Plus500SG Pte Ltd, licensed by the MAS (#CMS100648-1) and IE Singapore (#PLUS/CBL/2018). 
Plus500AU Pty Ltd (ACN 153301681), licensed by:
ASIC in Australia, AFSL #417727, FMA in New Zealand, FSP #486026; Authorised Financial Services Provider in South Africa, FSP #47546. You do not own or have any rights to the underlying assets. Please refer to the Disclosure documents available on the website.

Plus500 Withdrawal & Deposit

plus500 withdrawal

(Disclaimer: Price shown in the picture is for illustration purpose only. Actual price may differ from the current market price.)

As we write this Plus 500 review, users should know that the Plus500 platform remains very clear and uncomplicated. The trading account can be funded through the following ways:

Wire Transfer: Users using this method will have to wait three days for the deposit to be processed. To activate this deposit, users only need to click on the Funds Management icon and select the “Send Me Wire Details”.

Afterward, an email carrying the wire transfer details is sent to the user from Plus500 with all the banking details.

Debit and Credit Cards: Visa and MasterCard platforms are some of the easiest ways to start trading. Users using these platforms can execute the payment and trading through the Plus500 cashier screen.

On the screen, clients are asked to submit the necessary card information needed to begin trading instantaneously.

Moneybookers: Another straight forward payments process. Users select the Funds Management Icon, checks the Moneybookers option and proceeds to supply the necessary information.

PayPal: The newest paying platform on the Plus500 trading process. The process is both sound and easy to execute. Users’ need only to access the primary trading lobby screen, select the Funds Management icon and select the PayPal option and finally enter the amount.

Users will proceed to insert their individual PayPal details and confirm the transaction in the new window.

Customer Support

Plus500 does have a good customer support team which is available 24/7 through email correspondence and live chat feature.

We hope these Plus500 reviews have given you the necessary information you need to create a Plus500 demo or live account.

Please note  ‘80.5% of retail CFD accounts lose money.’

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IQ Option Review – Is IQ Option A Scam or Legit?

IQ Option reviewIQ Option is a binary options trading platform that provides a variety of options & other instruments for traders. Essentially, their binary options have regulated times from one hour, which is broken down into fifteen-minute increments and may run up to one month depending on the setting that is chosen. Plus, a trader can use the speed trading options that operate in increments of five minutes each.

In this IQ option review, we will look at the features, including the new Digital Option product which was recently introduced, evaluate their advantages and disadvantages, and comment on whether this is the right company for you.

Why IQ Option

How does IQ Option work?

At first glance, IQ Options platform offers the standard features found in most binary options trading platforms. There is a registration process, minimum deposit, and the free demo of the site so you can learn how it works. There are numerous charts that you can refer to when making your trades and the site itself is easy to navigate. In fact, one of the most important features that IQ Option trading has is that their platform is laid out in an intuitive, easy-to-understand manner.

IQ Option features the standard call/put trading options that are broken down into fifteen-minute increments with some features that may be smaller, such as five minutes, and up to an hour or more. One new feature is Digital Option, a platform where there are more than 500 assets that are ready for trading on their platform.

You’ll find mobile trading apps for Android and iOS so you can make decisions anywhere you have a wi-fi or cellular connection. This allows for greater freedom and the ability to take advantage of trading opportunities that may not be possible if you can only use your computer or laptop.

Download IQ Option Android App From Window App Store Here.

Download IQ Option iOS App From iTunes Store Here.


Please note ’’CFDs are leveraged product & your capital is at risk”

One interesting feature is the trading competitions that occur on a weekly basis. You can take advantage of the free demo account and the minimum deposit to compete is only $10. This is a great way to hone your skills while risking little in the way of losses.

If you are looking for an IQ Option robot, you will not find any auto-trading version on the site. This may or may not be important to you depending on your style of trading.

List of regulated countries

Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, United Kingdom.

IQ Option Benefits

There are several benefits to using IQ Option as your binary options trading platform, starting with the relatively easy setup. For those who are just getting into binary options or for those who are not pleased with some of the requirements from other platforms, IQ Option is refreshingly simple.

Variety of assets

IQ Option trading platform

IQ Option ceases to be simply a platform for binary option and becomes a universal place for trading the most diverse trading tools you are interested in. Recently IQ Option team has added new instruments like CFDs, Stocks, ETFs, Forex, CRYPTO currencies (CFDs) and Digital Option to their trading platform.

The Crypto Currencies offered by IQ Option are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin & Bitcoin Cash etc.

Properly Licensed

One substantial advantage is that the company is a legitimately licensed broker within the confines of Europe. Their headquarters is in Cyprus and they are licensed and regulated by the CySEC. For those who are concerned about an IQ Option scam, the fact that they are licensed should provide a little peace of mind.

Free IQ Option demo account

Unlike many other online brokerages that deal with binary options, the IQ Options demo account is free and does not require a deposit like so many others. This means that you can try out their system to see if it is right for your needs. At the very least, the free binary options demo account to help you make the best-informed decision about whether to join without having to put up any money.

IQ Option Demo Account

Low Deposit

It’s hard to find another brokerage that has a minimum deposit level of just $10. It demonstrates just how much this market has changed in the past few years when $250 to $300 were considered a low entry rate. This means that basically anyone can start trading right away with a small amount and add to it over time when they feel more comfortable.


The heart of all binary options trading is the supply of accurate charts so you can make better-informed decisions. IQ Option excels at putting out exceptional charts that provide a wealth of information. Compared to many other brokerages who deal in binary options trading, IQ Option offers plenty of information which means that you can feel more confident about your trading activities.

IQ Option withdrawal

Another advantage is the IQ Option withdrawal that is simple and easy to use. The straightforward nature of the process and the fact that there is no minimum amount makes it quite attractive to use. There are standard rules such as a 24-hour transaction time, proper ID needed, and the money must go to the same source from where deposits are made to avoid money laundering issues.

Of course, not everything about IQ Option trading is wonderful and there were few issues that some traders may have faced with this platform in the past which are as follows.

  • Designed for Short-Term Trading
  • Limited Options
  • Short Asset List

But now these issues have been resolved perfectly by the IQ Option team.

While you can extend some trading up to one month, for the most part, the activities are designed for the short-term. This means that if you are focused more on long-term results over weeks and months, this may not be the right platform for you. Plus, you are limited to the standard high/low or call/put options when it comes to trading compared to some other platforms. Finally, the asset list is rather short which limits your options even more.

Customer Support 24/7

The primary emphasis of these campaign materials is round-the-clock support on the trading platform, with the “Support 24/7” text. This is an important accept for an investor while choosing a broker.


Appart from binary options trading, IQ Options does offer different assets & plenty of sound features that makes it one of the best on the market today. It is simple, straightforward, and offers good packages for their trades that is perfect for beginners up to seasoned traders.

There is no evidence of an IQ option scam or fraud, simply to take your money. They are a legitimate company that runs their operations with utmost clarity. If you are interested in trading, IQ Option offers a good, solid platform that you can trust. In this IQ Option review, we have looked at the various features along with the pros & cons to discover that it is proper, well-run system.

ETX Capital Review

ETX Capital review of main siteETX Capital is a trading name of Monecor (London) Limited, authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority- a member of the London Stock Exchange. Established in 1965, it caters to over 50,000 diverse financial traders: ranging from the new traders entering the market to the oldest of players in this market. It is an online trading platform, promising ease of access as it offers trading not only through its website but easy to use phone apps too. In this ETX Capital review, we shall discuss in details about ETX Capital UK and its trading platforms.

ETX Capital Spreads

Spread betting is a means by which traders speculate on a wide range of financial markets. Because they never own any of the assets under speculation, Spread betting is described as a derivate-based product which allows for trading on vast varieties of markets including forex, shares, indices, commodities, and bonds.

A quick inside about Spread betting is that it is free from capital gain tax in the UK. Unlike other forms of trading in the UK like buying shares of trading CFDs, any profits gained by spread betting are exempted from taxes. However, the concern lies in the fact that losses incurred due to spread betting cannot be used to offset an individual’s tax liabilities.

ETX Capital CFD trading

A contract for difference (CFD) enables traders to speculate the future value of a wide range of financial assets. What differentiates this from Spread betting is mainly the provision of tax on profits, but more importantly the ability to offset losses against tax liabilities. At ETX Capital you shall be able to get the tightest spread which is some of the lowest in the market.

ETX Capital Binary Options

The working of binary trade options is pretty simple: a trader speculates between two possible outcomes of an asset’s value. At the end of the trading period, if the value of the asset is close to the trader’s speculation, then he earns a fixed amount of return. However, if the value moves against the trader’s provided value then he sees a loss of 100%. The traders do have an option of exiting before the closing trade period- but with a much-reduced amount of profit or loss.

ETX Capital Binary Options give traders access to a wide variety of assets such as Stocks, Indices, Currency Pairs and Commodities including:

  1. High/Low Binary Trading
  2. One-Touch Options
  3. Short and Long Term Binary Options

ETX Capital Trading Platforms

ETX Capital trading platformETX Capital provides three trading platforms which can be used with a single central registration. These are namely ETX TraderPro, ETX Capital MT4, and ETX Binary.

ETX TraderPro

ETX TraderPro is a multi-asset platform which comes with charts, indicators and lot of different tools helpful in trading. It allows you to open a trade directly with a click of a mouse.  ETX TraderPro comes with lowest variable spreads which allow you to get the tightest spread possible.

ETX MetaTrader4 (MT4)

With the help of ETX MetaTrader4 (MT4), you can use the Expert Advisers (EAs) which allow you to complete your trade automatically. You can always set your EAs to close or open a position with reference to your preferred signals.

ETX Binary

ETX Binary Platform provides a wide range of expiry time starting from 30 seconds binary options. You can also trade with a variety of assets like shares, currency pairs, commodities, indices and more.

Becoming a part of the ETX family

This requires formation of an official account on the ETX website. You have the option of starting with a demo account, which is convenient because you can actually see the workings of the trading platform in real-time before becoming an official member. The appearance of the website is extremely user-friendly, which shortcuts to the most frequently visited links on either side of the page. ETX gives you the option of customizing the page to suit your liking and ease of displaying the information that you require right in front of you.

What makes ETX stand out from the rest of its competitors is it’s no commission policy on Spread Betting and CFDs (forex).

The eager-to-help support team of ETX guides you through each and every step, available on call from 7am-9pm London time(Monday to Friday) and 24/7 on email. Any queries can be conveniently searched on the site’s FAQ page, which most likely will show you the answer to your questions. If not, the customer care team is right at your service.

ETX Capital demo account


ETX Capital provides demo account for all the trading platforms i.e. ETX TraderPro, ETX MetaTrader4 (MT4) and ETX Binary. So you can take the advantage of demo account to get acquainted with their trading platform prior to real trading.

ETX Capital minimum deposit

There is a minimum deposit of £100 to start trading with ETX Capital. They have different payment options like Wire transfer, online bank transfer and accept major debit and credit card. There is no fee charged by ETX Capital for deposit.

ETX Capital withdrawal fee

ETX Capital charges no processing fee for five withdrawals more than £100 in a calendar month. However for sixth withdrawals onwards they charge a processing fee of £10 to compensate the bank charges.

ETX Capital contact

One Broadgate



Tel: +44 (0) 20 7392 1494


Final Word

The ETX Capital is a sound trading institution that caters to the interests of its users just like any professional-grade trading platform should. Its highly efficient customer safety programs including risk management features such as guaranteed stop loss and limit orders, price alerts and trailing shops aid the traders throughout their trading journeys. Closing ETX Capital review, ETX appears to be a great choice for all your trading needs!

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Plus500 Webtrader: The Ultimate Plus 500 Trading Software

Plus500 WebTrader ReviewPlus500 is a leading broker which provide CFDs trading services 0n forex, commodities, indices, shares, options & ETFs. Plus 500 have developed its own proprietary trading platform for all type of device like desktop, iPhone, iPad, Window & Android phones for trading CFD. Among all Plus500 software, Plus500 webtrader is the most popular platform as you can access Plus500 web trader online at any place from any device without installing any trading software.

Please note  ‘80.5% of retail CFD accounts lose money.’

Let’s look at the various aspects of the Plus500 webtrader platform:

Plus500 Trading on a Go

The most obvious benefit with the Plus 500 webtrader is that there is no need to download and install any CFD trading software. You can easily trade from any place where you can find an internet web browser. It’s as simple as that. And the platform is not short of anything that a normal trading platform has. This is a huge advantage given that you have the freedom to do what you want, like travel anywhere in the world and you would still have access to the same trading tools and indicators just like with the desktop trading platform.

Unlimited Time Demo Account

Plus500 Demo AccountWith the Plus500 Web trader platform, you can either open a Plus500 demo account or real account. There is no need to fill any long forms with a long list of personal information about you. You only type in your email and create a password. That’s it! You can start trading right away and experience the trading platform first hand for an unlimited time, absolutely for free.

Easy to Use Plus500 Webtrader

Everything is straightforward and you will easily find what you need. All the important things like orders, charts, opened positions, instruments to trade are nicely arranged and quickly accessible. Unnecessary information is completely excluded, therefore helping Plus500 achieve their main goal of a user-friendly CFD trading platform. This is undoubtedly helpful to all traders as they often have a hard time getting around all the information that you usually find in a trading platform. A user-friendly platform is beneficial to all traders because too much clutter can confuse even the experienced – veteran traders. You can find the review of Plus500 here.

Ability to Choose the Right Asset & Market

Plus500 Web Trader Platform

(Disclaimer: Price shown in the picture is for illustration purpose only. Actual price may differ from the current market price.)

Entering positions is as simple as clicking a few buttons. All the available markets for trading are listed in the left panel on the Plus500 trading platform and once you select one (e.g. Forex) all the instruments that you can trade will appear (all the currency pairs). From here it’s just a matter of clicking the buy or sell button and entering the size of the position you want to take. Just under the instruments tab is the chart where you can switch between a candlestick and a line chart. In the chart panel, you can select any available indicator and place it on the chart.

Variety of instruments and markets to trade

With the Plus500 web trader, you won’t be missing out on any instruments or markets because all are included, the same as on the desktop app. You can choose to trade between a long list of different instruments on 50 markets (forex, commodities, indices, stocks, options, ETFs).

Over 32 languages supported

The platform is supported in 32 different languages allowing traders from all over the world to trade in their own native language. This is especially valuable to traders who are not at as proficient in the English language, and therefore by choosing their preferred language, they can make full use of the platform simply because they can understand what everything means.

A wide array of technical indicators available

The Plus 500 Webtrader is really an overall, complete trading toolkit. You won’t miss any technical indicator, chart or tool. Everything you have on the desktop platform like the popular moving averages, MACD or Stochastic indicators is right there with you, wherever you go. This is really important because traders can make decisions on the go, the same way they do at their main trading platform because all their preferred indicators and settings will be with them.

”Please note  80.5% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

Plus500 UK LTD is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 509909).
Plus500 CY LTD is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Licence No. 250/14).
Plus500AU Pty Ltd, ACN 153 301 681, AFSL # 417727, issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission is authorized to issue these products to Australian residents.

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