Plus500 Review: See The Real Truth About Plus500

Plus500 ReviewAs the name suggests we provide the review of Plus500 CFD broker in terms of usability, reliability, features, customer support, money protection & so on. Discover in-depth Plus500 review to help you understand more on Plus 500.

Plus500 Ltd is one of the leading CFD trading brokers which is authorized and regulated by several leading financial regulators around the globe. The web-based platform serves over a million customers making it one of the biggest and fastest growing brokerage firms in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Plus500 forex platform enables customers to trade CFD in more than 50 countries and 31 languages. Plus500 group is founded in the year 2008. Plus500 Ltd. is also listed in AIM section of London Stock Exchange in the year 2013 & issues its share to public. The Plus 500 trading platform is provided by Plus500 UK Ltd. which is a subsidiary of Plus500 Ltd.

Plus500 Features

  • One of the top CFD trading platform.
  • Trade over 2000 most traded financial instruments without any trading commission.
  • Free Plus500 demo account for unlimited time
  • Plus500 UK LTD is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority(FRN 509909).
    Plus500 CY LTD is authorised and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Licence No. 250/14).
    Plus500 AU LTD is regulated by Australian Securities and investments Commission – Australia only.
  • Low initial deposit requirement as low as 100Є to fund Plus500 account
  • Risk management tool to manage your risk at the time of trading.
  • Education on CFD trading is available in the help section of the website.
  • Live streaming quotes in real time
  • Advanced Technical Analysis Trading Tool
  • Plus500 provide CFD online trading service in 50 markets, 31 languages & also in local currencies.

    Please note  ”CFDs are leveraged product & your capital is at risk.”

Plus 500 Trading Platform

plus500 Trading PlatformForex investors will be happy to know that Plus500 has an in-house trading platform perfect for investors looking for simple, direct trading with spreads as low as two pips availed to customers.

What separates Plus500 forex from the rest of the leading CFD brokers around the globe is the company’s policy to offer a single trading platform to all their clients worldwide.

As an in-house developed platform, the agency distributes it in the following versions:

  • A free trading platform customers can download
  • An online based trading platform named as Plus500 WebTrader.
  • A trading platform accessible through tablets and smartphones

The firm employs the best software engineers in the world that work around the clock ensuring that the platforms integrate and work seamlessly in all three versions. Users switch from one version to the next to ease.

The company’s policy to focus on ‘No Frills Trading’ has attracted many traders as traders prefer using a platform providing the precise information required in an on-screen trade. Furthermore; this is a trading platform perfect for people starting off CFD Trading on Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Indices, ETF’s.

Types of Plus500 Accounts

The platform offers clients two types of accounts, demo account and live accounts. The demo account is a huge hit with forex trading beginners. Users open the account for free and have no time limit.

To activate the live account, users need a minimum operating amount of 100Є. To motivate clients, Plus500 offers 25Є welcome bonus (Terms and Conditions apply) which is only available for the live account.

The company is generous to a point where customers can generate up to 7,000Є bonuses (Minimum trading required & T&Cs apply) depending on the initial funding. Let us dig deeper in the two accounts and see how they operate.

In this Plus500 review, We have chosen to divulge how the different accounts work on the Plus500 platform.

Plus500 Demo Account

Plus 500 also offer a demo account for their traders which is highly essential for CFD traders to learn about trading CFD and in particular Plus 500 trading platform.

Plus500 Demo Account Review

  • Users can practice with demo account having no limit
  • Users experience real market conditions.
  • Transactions on the Plus500 demo account are the same as live accounts
  • Users are guaranteed of a zero risk trading platform
  • Around the clock support team backup

Find more on Plus500 demo account here.

Plus500 Review Live Account

plus500 windows app downloadThe trading agency offers users a simple and straightforward live account. Users need to upgrade from the demo account to the live account by depositing minimum 100Є.

After trading on the live account for a while, users usually get a message from the company informing them that they’ve been upgraded to Plus500 Gold Account. So long as the firm observes a high volume trade users upgrade to gold and profit from premium discounts.

Plus 500 App

Plus500 iPhone App loginWith the Plus500 trading platform, clients have the chance to sell in different markets through on-screen (computer, tablet and mobile platforms).

Many users flock to use the Plus500 trading platform thanks to their various options; commodities, stocks, CFDs, ETFs and indexes trading options on a singular platform.

Users on the online platform only need to have an internet link to access and trade via any computer.

For the Plus500 download, users can save the software on a personal or laptop computer. The mobile trading platform allows users to access their accounts from any smartphone (mobile) device. You can download plus500 windows app, Plus500 iPhone App & Plus500 Android App from the respective App stores.

Plus500 Bonus Code

Plus500 is currently offering new clients 25Є as sign up bonus (T&Cs apply). Users will be happy to note that there isn’t any minimum deposit set to receive the bonus.

After placing an initial deposit, clients start receiving an  additional deposit bonus (Minimum trading required and T&Cs apply) up to 30% when they take advantage of Plus500 promotion codes.

Plus 500 Advantage

plus500 reviewsPlus500 trading platform offers two main advantage to its clients which are as follows:

  • Among the brokers with high leverage, Plus500 offer maximum leverage for Forex amounting to 1:200. Leverage is the amount customers use to increase the trade value.
  • The second one is no commission on trading of CFD.

Plus500 Tips & Tricks

In order to succeed in Plus500, a trader should always consider the following tips.

  • Practice with Plus500 demo account prior to trading with real money.
  • Use Plus500 Risk management tool for good management of your capital.
  • Gain knowledge of financial market including technical & fundamental analysis.
  • Get accounted with chart reading & market movement.
  • Go through the Plus500 Bonus T&Cs, Risk Disclosure Statement & User Agreement thoroughly.

Please note  ”CFDs are leveraged product & your capital is at risk.”

Safety and Regulators

Plus500 UK LTD is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority(FRN 509909).

Plus500 CY LTD is authorised and regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission(Licence No. 250/14).

Plus500 also registered as Plus500 AU LTD in Australia and regulated by Australian Securities and investments Commission – Australia only.

The UK-based FCA regulator has created a reputation for operating a strict and stern financial authority. FCA offers investors a hundred percent of the initial claim of £50,000. The FCA demands that clients funds should be deposited in isolated accounts. The act has been effect to offer clients a guarantee for their funds.

Plus500 Withdrawal & Deposit

plus500 withdrawalAs we write this Plus 500 review, users should know that the Plus500 platform remains very clear and uncomplicated. The trading account can be funded through the following ways:

Wire Transfer: Users using this method will have to wait three days for the deposit to be processed. To activate this deposit, users only need to click on the Funds Management icon and select the “Send Me Wire Details”.

Afterward, an email carrying the wire transfer details is sent to the user from Plus500 with all the banking details.

Debit and Credit Cards: Visa and MasterCard platforms are some of the easiest ways to start trading. Users using these platforms can execute the payment and trading through the Plus500 cashier screen.

On the screen, clients are asked to submit the necessary card information needed to begin trading instantaneously.

Moneybookers: Another straight forward payments process. Users select the Funds Management Icon, checks the Moneybookers option and proceeds to supply the necessary information.

PayPal: The newest paying platform on the Plus500 trading process. The process is both sound and easy to execute. Users’ need only to access the primary trading lobby screen, select the Funds Management Icon and select PayPal option and finally enter the amount.

Users will proceed to insert their individual PayPal details and confirm the transaction in the new window.

Customer Support

Plus500 do have good customer support team which is available 24/7 through email correspondence and live chat feature.

We hope these Plus500 reviews have given you the necessary information you need to create a Plus500 demo or live account. Traders using this brokerage platform as guaranteed by the FCA their funds are secured. Try out Plus500 and make money with CFD Forex Trade!

Please note  ”CFDs are leveraged product & your capital is at risk.”

Top CFD Trading Tips For Wining Trades

CFD Trading Tips & StrategiesThe Contract for Difference (CFD) is a trading term that permits users to undertake a particular position in an instrument value and proceed to predict whether the value will go up or go down.We remind traders that under derivatives product, they don’t own the assets they’re trading directly. Under this rule, operators are saved from traditional physical dealing costs including the likes of UK Stamp Duty and only trade on underlying prices of the movement.

To help you operate on the best CFD trading platform, I’ve scoured the internet to bring you (forex trading enthusiasts) CFD trading tips that will assist you as you trade:

Allowing Profits to Run and Cutting Down Losses

Unfortunately, traders that fail to allow profits to run and bring down their losses, end up wiping out their trading accounts. Traders clinging on losing trades and driven by greed to jump into a profitable trade way too early will win short term but suffer catastrophic losses. A wise trader will follow CFD trading tips that always warn them about cutting their losses fast!

Following Fundamental and Technical Analysis by Heart

Traders relying on technical and fundamental analysis have higher success chances as opposed to individuals reliant only on one only one type of analysis. Experienced and fruitful traders advice that the best rules are;

Using fundamental analysis which triggers trade while relying on technical analysis for a correct entry.

Logic Outweighs Emotion

Traders that rely on their gut feelings at times make a big score. However, in reality, the margins for profitability are very minimal. For logic operators, relying on trading rules and following them will almost always come on top!

Considering one’s Weaknesses in CFD Market

Psychological makeup is the most important difference between a lossing and winning trader. Winning traders don’t get stuck in weaknesses such as fear or greed.

For a proper eradication of said shortcomings, operators are reminded to plan and stick to management rules that will help them overcome their fears.

Minimize Single Trade Exposure

CFD Trading TipsTraders cease being traders when they spend 50-100% of their trading capital on single trades. Gamblers only undertake such actions. Real Forex traders risk 2% and below thus ensuring that no single trade will wipe out their trading account.

Desist From Adding To Losing Trades

Brilliant traders discover how to differentiate between trending and range-bound markets.

These skills help traders avoid making the fatal mistakes of adding to a losing trade in expecting the price will turn around. Wise traders opt for trend lines to prevent such errors.

Understanding Reward versus Risk

Traders are required to understand the difference between risk and reward in the trade-off. In CFD trading forums, traders are cautioned from walking into trades that have bigger potential rewards than the potential risk.

Diversification Strategy

As much as a trader risks above 2% of his/her trading capital on a single CFD trade, there is no guarantee that the operator will achieve a portfolio that is well-diversified.

For shares in an oil company, the chances are high that should a trader go the wrong direction, other operators will follow suit. Experts advise you to diversify across industries where the opportunity arises.

Timing Is Everything

Timing is a critical asset when it comes to trading. As right as you may be about the long-term market direction, entering a trade too early may result in significant losses.

You’re cautioned to wait for a trigger, and a confirmation ensures that you suffer losses less frequently. By following the above-mentioned CFD tips, traders are guaranteed of more success!

Plus500 Demo: Trade with [€20000] Plus 500 Demo Account

If you have never traded before with Plus500, it is always recommended that you first use a demo account. Plus500 demo account is like a real account but you do not have to use real money to trade. Plus 500 is a CFD services provider that allows you to trade CFD on different instruments such as forex, indices, options, ETFs, and shares.

Plus500 Demo Account

It was established in 2008 and over the years it has acquired over 60, 000 traders. Its most attractive features include no commissions on shares, leverages of up to 294: 1, no deposit or withdrawal fees and high margins that start from .25%. If you are new to Plus500 or you just create an account with the company it’s recommended that you first use the demo account.

Great features of Plus500 demo account

There are many great features that come with the demo account while trade online plus 500 . They include:

No downloads required 

Plus500 CFD Trading PlatformAgain, unlike other companies, you don’t need to download the demo account to use it—you can use the live version (i.e. Plus500 Webtrader) which is as effective as the downloaded version. If you like the downloaded version you can download it into your device. The cool thing is that the account is compatible with almost all operating systems including android, windows, and iOs. You only need to choose the one that is right for your device.

Real market conditions

The sole purpose of a demo account is to teach you how to trade. Plus 500 demo account has all the features found in a real account and this provides you with a real trading condition. You get notifications on events affecting the market, you get to see the graphs and reports are sent to you depending on your schedule. You also get to lose and make money the same way that you would if you were using a real account. The presence of these features prepares you completely for trading thus reducing your chances of making losses.

Video and tutorial help 

Plus 500 demo account has all the features found in a real account. Beside this, it also has plenty of videos and tutorials that guide you on how to trade with Plus500. These resources cut the learning curve and also make you an excellent trader.

No time limit Plus500 Demo

If you have used other demo accounts from other companies you must have noticed that most of them have time limits of between 2 weeks and 3 months. But with the Plus500 demo account, you have no time limit. Once you have created an account you continue using it until you have mastered the trade. You are the one that will stop using it.

How to open a Plus500 demo account

How to open plus500 demo account

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This is what you need to know about Plus500 demo account. While you will be trading with virtual money, take benefit of learning the tit bit of CFD trading. To be an excellent trader, you should treat the account with the same seriousness that you would if you were trading with a real account.

Plus500 UK LTD is regulated and authorised by the FCA (FRN 509909).
Plus500 CY LTD is regulated and authorised by the CySEC (Licence No. 250/14).
Plus500AU Pty Ltd, AFSL #417727 issued by the ASIC is authorized to issue these products to Australian residents.

You do not own or have any rights to the underlying assets. Please consider Plus500 Disclosure documents available on their website.

Please note  ”CFDs are leveraged product & your capital is at risk.”

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